Ng Ray

UROP Student

Ray is a Year 3 Psychology undergraduate, interested in expanding his horizon in any way he can. With a strong research interest in understanding how children behave, he aims to study the various factors that shapes the moral development of children, such as cultural differences. As someone who aspires to one day implement a systemic change to better society, Ray applied to be in the Child Development Lab to increase his exposure in the research field.

Toh Si En (Krystal)

UROP Student

Si En is a Year 3 Psychology undergraduate. She is interested in finding out how social and situational factors are crucial in shaping the developmental and emotional aspects of a child. Recognising the importance of a child’s early formative years, she hopes to research on ways to nurture a child to bring out the best in them. Hoping to give back to society starting from her small actions, she loves bringing joy to people she works with.

Alyssa Padbidri

Research Assistant

Alyssa is a second year Psychology undergraduate student. Her three years working as swim coach for kids sparked an interest in child developmental psychology, specifically in understanding how cognitive development is shaped in children’s formative years. She applied to the Child Development Lab to gain exposure and experience into the research field, in hopes of one day using these skills to better my understanding of child development where I can help children solidify their cognitive foundations to prepare them for later life.   

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