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virtual NUS Child Development Lab:

online studies


Following established child psychology labs in top universities like Stanford University, online testing will be conducted via Zoom video-conferencing. 

Your child will get to play fun and interactive games with our researchers, which are designed to be online-friendly.

Through these games, we aim to gain a better understanding of how children think.

Most importantly, you can participate in the comfort of your own home!  


Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to conduct face-to-face sessions at our lab as we prioritise everyone’s health and safety.

To ensure research on children’s social, cognitive and moral development continues to move forward, we hope that you and your child can also play a part in this contribution to science.

These studies are also designed to be a fun and educational experience for your child! 



express interest

Fill up a quick sign-up form with basic demographic and contact information of you and your child! Our researchers will get back to you shortly! 



More information about our research studies will be provided! Sign-up for a slot via Calendly (an online appointment scheduling software) and we will send you a confirmation email!  



Confirm your slot

We will book the slot you have signed up for once you reply to acknowledge! You will also receive more instructions for the Zoom set-up, and for the testing process.




On the day before the scheduled session, you will receive a reminder with the Zoom meeting link. Do not share this link publicly to ensure the meeting is secure!




At the start of the session, there will be a short briefing for you. The session will consist of games with your child that should not take longer than 30 to 45 minutes. 



thank you!

After the session, you will receive a reimbursement to thank you for your time! We will also send you an e-certificate to thank your child for their contribution to science! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there requirements for the online testing?

All you need is a laptop/desktop with a webcam (built-in or external), and the Zoom app installed! 

It would also be ideal to use a quiet space with a stable Internet connection in your home, so that your child can play the games with minimal distractions. 


Are online studies via Zoom safe?

We’ve adopted NUS’ security guidelines to ensure that our online meeting will be safe and secure, namely:

  • The Zoom link will be created with an official nus-sg SSO account

  • The waiting room feature will be enabled to ensure that only participants will be admitted into the meeting.

  • The screen sharing function will be limited to only the host/researcher. 

  • Once the session begins, the meeting room will be locked to prevent unauthorised users from joining.  


Does my child need to know how to use the mouse/keyboard in order to participate?

No, the games are designed such that your child only needs to look at the screen and respond verbally!

Can I remain with my child during online studies? 

You may remain next to your child for most parts of the session! There will be some games where we would need you to leave your child alone for a short while, so that he/she can make decisions independently. If you are not comfortable with this, you may join in the meeting via another device, but keep the audio muted and video hidden. It is also very important that you refrain from providing any input, verbally or nonverbally, as we are really interested in finding out how your child thinks. 


What will we get from participating?

You will receive a reimbursement of $10 via PayNow/PayLah, as well as an e-certificate for your child to thank you both for participating! 

Can my friends’ kids help contribute to science too?

Sure! Please feel free to share about our research opportunities with your friends. We would really appreciate that! Here are posters that you can share!

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