Dr Ding Xiaopan

Assistant Professor & Lab Director

Dr Ding Xiaopan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore. The central question of her research is how children acquire moral behaviour and how to facilitate its development. She employs both behavioural and cognitive neuroscience methods in her research.

Visit her faculty page here.

Cleo Collage.jpg

Cleo Tay

Lab Manager & Graduate Student

Cleo received her BSocSci (Hons) in Psychology from NUS in 2018 and has worked at the Child Lab since 2017. What intrigues her the most about young children is their inquisitiveness and perpetual wonderment at the world, as well as their ability to perceive things about it in a way that (world-weary) adults cannot. Cleo is especially interested in Theory of Mind, its underlying neural mechanisms, and how pragmatic communication between parents and children affect its development.


Bi Yue

Graduate Student

Bi Yue is currently a Psychology PhD student at the National University of Singapore. She is surprised by how infants with little social experience perceive and handle socially-related issues, which inspires her interest to further explore social-cognitive development processes in children, especially the interplay between theory of mind abilities and deceptive behaviours in children.


Nina Ye Ni

Graduate Student

Nina is a psychology graduate at the National University of Singapore. She is interested in the social and cognitive mechanisms underlying children's selective learning and teaching. Through research in the field of developmental psychology, she seeks to understand how these abilities can affect a child in his/her later stages of life and hopes that these findings can aid society in better comprehension on how best to nurture a child.


Ng Ray

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Ray is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate, interested in expanding his horizon in any way he can. With a strong research interest in understanding how children behave, he aims to study the various factors that shapes the moral development of children, such as cultural differences. As someone who aspires to one day implement a systemic change to better society, Ray applied to be in the Child Development Lab to increase his exposure in the research field.


Toh Si En (Krystal)

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Si En is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate. She is interested in finding out how social and situational factors are crucial in shaping the developmental and emotional aspects of a child. Recognising the importance of a child’s early formative years, she hopes to research on ways to nurture a child to bring out the best in them. Hoping to give back to society starting from her small actions, she loves bringing joy to people she works with.


Sharon Hoe

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Sharon is a fourth year Psychology student intending to pursue a clinical degree specialising in child psychopathology.  She is interested in abnormal child development and investigating the role that children's social environment plays in their development. She hopes that by researching children's development, she would better aid neurodiverse children to function well in society despite their individual differences. She aspires to be able to touch the lives of children and make a difference. 


Victoria Yong

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Victoria is a year 4 Psychology undergraduate with a keen interest in the field of developmental psychology. She is interested in understanding children better, especially how their social environment shapes their social adjustment and factors affecting their decision making. Through gaining research experience with the NUS Child Development Lab, she is eager to put what she has learnt into practice and positively impact children and youths in the most crucial phase of their lives.


Glynis Lam

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Glynis is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate and an aspiring clinical psychologist. She enjoys working with young children as they never fail to offer compelling perspectives of the people and world around them. Her research interests lie in studying factors that influence early developmental trajectories in children such as parenting styles and interactions with other children. Through conducting research with children, Glynis hopes to hone her research skills and help provide insights into child development research.


Kayleen Wong

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Kayleen is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who loves working with children. She is interested in the different social factors that drive their behaviours in everyday life. She believes that every single child possesses limitless potential, and she is keen on discovering ways to bring out the best in them. She looks forward to deepening her understanding of children’s development, as well as hone valuable research skills at the Child Development Lab. In future, she aspires to make a difference in children’s lives, and to reach out to those in need.


Monika Balaya

Research Assistant

Monika is a fourth year Psychology undergraduate. She is interested in learning more about how biological factors, such as genetics, and environmental factors, such as parenting style, interact to shape the development of children. She also seeks to understand better about how these childhood experiences then influence one’s adulthood. Monika hopes to gain exposure and insight into this research field through assisting at the Child Development Lab.


Samantha Kang

Research Assistant

Samantha is a Year 4 Psychology Undergraduate who enjoys working with children - their kindness and innocence brings much joy to her. With a strong interest in mental health development of children, she wants to study how factors in early childhood, such as parent-child attachment, lead to emotional dysregulation and abnormal cognitive development in children. By applying to the NUS Child Lab, she hopes to gain exposure to research on the development of children and aspires to use the knowledge gained to help improve the mental health of children in the future.


Ong Zhi Ning, Deondra

Research Assistant

Deondra is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who enjoys working with children. With an interest in the special needs sector, she wants to learn more about children with developmental difficulties and how early interventions may help to improve or aid their learning. Hoping to make a difference in children’s lives, she aspires to pursue in educational psychology in future. Through working in the Child Development Lab, she hopes to gain a better understanding on child development and increase her exposure in the research field.