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Dr Ding Xiaopan

Assistant Professor & Lab Director

Dr Ding Xiaopan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore. The central question of her research is how children acquire moral behaviour and how to facilitate its development. She employs both behavioural and cognitive neuroscience methods in her research.

Visit her faculty page here.


Alyssa Padbidri

Full - Time Research Assistant & Lab Manager

Alyssa is a Psychology graduate who possesses an unwavering curiosity for developmental psychology and a keen interest in understanding behavioural differences in children. With aspirations of becoming a child clinical psychologist, she is specifically interested in exploring how early life experiences shape behaviour. Through joining the Child Development Lab, she hopes to expand her knowledge in the field of child psychology and hone her research and analytical skills. 


Bi Yue

Graduate Student

Bi Yue is currently a Psychology PhD student at the National University of Singapore. She is surprised by how infants with little social experience perceive and handle socially-related issues, which inspires her interest to further explore social-cognitive development processes in children, especially the interplay between theory of mind abilities and deceptive behaviours in children.


Ong Shi-Wei

Graduate Student

Shi-Wei is a Psychology PhD student in NUS. She is interested in children’s socio-cognitive development in their early years. She believes various institutions (e.g., family, peers, schools etc.) play a part in shaping children’s social experience, and is curious as to how they do so. She is also intrigued by the way the world is represented in children’s young yet developing minds, and how such perceptions affect their social behaviours. 


Yu Liwen

Graduate Student

Liwen is currently a Psychology Master student in NUS. She is interested in exploring the nature of the human mind through child research, and she believes that a better understanding of children's world can help people to discover who they are. She would like to master more research skills and gain insights into child development in the Child Development Lab.


Tan Su kee

Graduate Student

Su Kee is a graduate student who really loves working with children. She finds it very enjoyable and rewarding to work with them, and they always motivate her to become a better person. As children are the next generation that will shape society, she is interested in exploring how to help them achieve their full potential as well as improve their mental health. She aspires to work as an educational psychologist in future, hence working at the Child Development Lab will help her expand her knowledge and insight into child development.

Shi Ying.JPG

Tay Shi Ying

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2024) 

Shi Ying is a Year 4 student studying Psychology and Social Work. She aspires to work with children and youths as a clinical psychologist or counsellor to help them make sense of their emotions and life experiences. Specifically, she is interested in how adverse childhood experiences and socioeconomic disadvantages impact development. She hopes to deepen her research and data analysis skills through the UROP programme. 

Jyh Hsien.JPG

Foo Jyh Hsien

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2024) 

Jyh Hsien is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who believes that many factors in a child’s environment (e.g., parents, media, peers) work together to shape an individual’s developmental outcomes. She hopes to explore these different influences to achieve a deeper understanding of how we can provide optimal experiences for children from young, and share this knowledge with parents and other socialising agents. Through UROP, she hopes to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of developmental psychology. 

Zhi Qi.JPG

Chew Zhi Qi

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2024)

Zhi Qi is a Year 4 Psychology student. She is passionate about working with and protecting young children. Her interest lies in learning more about childhood trauma and its effects on child development from a socio-cognitive and behavioural perspective. She aspires to become a clinical psychologist who can provide treatment and support to children who have experienced abuse. She hopes to improve her research skills during her time with the Child Development Lab.

Geok Teng.JPG

Ng Geok Teng

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2024)

Geok Teng is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who loves working with children and understanding them. Fascinated by how developmental trajectories can differ across children, she hopes to gain insights to the processes that underlie some of these differences. With an aspiration to work in the field of Child Psychology and Language Development, she strives to hone her research and communication skills here at the Child Development Lab.


Chadmen Tan Chee Hiang

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2024)

Chadmen is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate with a keen interest in developmental psychology. His main interests are in children’s socio-emotional development. He wants to know more about how children’s understanding of the world can influence their behaviours. By joining the Child Development Lab, he hopes to gain more knowledge in the field of developmental psychology and hone his research skills.

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