Dr Ding Xiaopan

Assistant Professor & Lab Director

Dr Ding Xiaopan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore. The central question of her research is how children acquire moral behaviour and how to facilitate its development. She employs both behavioural and cognitive neuroscience methods in her research.

Visit her faculty page here.


Bi Yue

Graduate Student

Bi Yue is currently a Psychology PhD student at the National University of Singapore. She is surprised by how infants with little social experience perceive and handle socially-related issues, which inspires her interest to further explore social-cognitive development processes in children, especially the interplay between theory of mind abilities and deceptive behaviours in children.


Nina Ye Ni

Graduate Student

Nina is a psychology graduate at the National University of Singapore. She is interested in the social and cognitive mechanisms underlying children's selective learning and teaching. Through research in the field of developmental psychology, she seeks to understand how these abilities can affect a child in his/her later stages of life and hopes that these findings can aid society in better comprehension on how best to nurture a child.


Ong Shi-Wei

Graduate Student

Shi-Wei is a Psychology PhD student in NUS. She is interested in children’s socio-cognitive development in their early years. She believes various institutions (e.g., family, peers, schools etc.) play a part in shaping children’s social experience, and is curious as to how they do so. She is also intrigued by the way the world is represented in children’s young yet developing minds, and how such perceptions affect their social behaviours. 


Cheryl Teo Shu Lin

Graduate Student

Cheryl is a Year 1 Clinical Psychology Master student who loves working with children. With her background in early childhood education, she realised that setting the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and health begins in the early years. As such, her goal is to become a clinical psychologist who can use her skills to support and advocate for the mental well-being of children and their families. By working in the Child Development Lab, she hopes to gain greater understanding of the relationship between corporal punishment and lying behaviour in young children, as well as hone her research skills.

Li Qing.JPG

Tan Li Qing 

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2022)

Li Qing is a Year 4 Psychology student who enjoys working with children. As "children are our future", she believes in nurturing children to be the best they can be. From her Teacher Aide experiences in both public and private schools, she is interested to learn more effective early interventions that can be used to improve the outcomes of children (both typically developing and children with special needs). By working in the Child Development Lab, she would like to gain more insights into children's development and hone her research skills.


Janelle Tan Jia Min

Honours Thesis Student (Class of 2023)

Janelle is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who has a keen interest in the fields of clinical and developmental psychology. She loves working with children and wishes to pursue a career in child abnormal psychology. She is interested to learn more about childhood disorders, the developmental factors that lead to these disorders and subsequently their influence on adulthood. By joining the NUS Child Development Lab, Janelle hopes to acquire more knowledge about child development and hone valuable research skills.


Oon Qian Chern (Jane)

ISM Student

Jane is a Year 4 Psychology undergraduate who aspires to be a clinical psychologist. With a love for working with children and an interest in the special needs sector, she aims to deepen her understanding of early interventions in facilitating children's development. Jane hopes to gain insight and develop her research skills throughout her time in the Child Development Lab.


Evannia Louisa John

Research Apprentice

Evannia is a research apprentice at the Child Development Lab, National University Singapore. She is most interested in how parenting styles and methods affect child development at a cognitive, behavioural, and neurological level. As a recent graduate, she has applied to the lab to gain a more in depth understanding of child developmental research.


Muskan Lakhnori

Research Assistant

Muskan is a Year 3 Psychology major. She aspires to be a clinical psychologist in the future, but also has an inclination towards developmental psychology. She loves working with children and is keen on acquiring research skills. Her passions stem from her experience working with special needs children and elderly dementia patients. She is looking forward to learn more about formal psychological research and hone her skills.