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I am an undergraduate who is passionate about research. What can I do?

Undergraduates who are enthusiastic about research, especially in the field of moral and cognitive development of children, are welcome to apply for any of the positions below. You should be comfortable working with children and adults alike. If you would like to find out more or apply, drop us an email at Please provide us with a curriculum vitae and your academic transcript when applying.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP)

UROP provides opportunities for NUS undergraduates who are keen in research to be part of an ongoing study. As an undergraduate taking UROP module with our lab, you will assist the team in their ongoing study. Check out the student portal to learn more about our current project and apply!

Selected candidates will be interviewed for the position.   

Independent Research Project 

This module allows motivated NUS students to embark on a research under the guidance of Dr Ding. Individuals who are interested in working with the Lab as an undergraduate taking this module may apply as necessary for approval from the supervisor. 

Honours Thesis 

If you are a year 3 student who fulfils the requirements as stated in the portal and would like to work on the moral and cognitive developmental aspects in children or adults, you may contact Dr Ding at Kindly provide us with a proposal (length of 1-2 pages) on your intended topic, along with your curriculum vitae and current academic transcript. **Dr Ding is no longer accepting HT students for AY22/23.**

Part-time research assistant 

As a part-time RA, you will be involved in collecting data with children, talking to parents, helping out with the recruitment of participants, and exchanging ideas with other students during lab meetings. Previous working experience as a volunteer research assistant or UROP/IRP student at our lab is preferable. We expect a minimal commitment of a year. **There are currently no available vacancies for part-time RAs at the Child Lab.**

Volunteer research assistant 

If you are interested in research but are unable to fulfil the requirements of the above-mentioned positions, you are welcome to be part of the team as a volunteer research assistant. You would gain similar exposure to that of the positions above. We expect a minimal commitment of a semester (at least 5 hours per week) or 20 hours per week during the term break. **There are currently no available vacancies for volunteer RAs at the Child Lab.**

I intend to pursue Graduate Studies in Developmental Psychology. What can I do?

If you are interested in pursuing your Masters by research, click here for more information on the requirements necessary for admission. 

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD by research, click here for the entry requirements.

For Dr Ding's supervision for the following positions, you may contact her at Please provide your curriculum vitae and latest academic transcript.

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